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Need entertainment for a Sweet 16, simple party or other function? 

We have you covered for just about every imaginable gathering! 

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Sweet 16

We often here that a Sweet 16 is one of the most important days of a teenagers life and a party that MUST be done right! Clearly this day calls for an expert with an incredible amount of experience. Event Perfect has this experience and is very comfortable with the song selections regularly requested from this age group.

We know what to play and when to play it for maximum impact. We always take live requests and allow your child to submit a 20 song playlist before the event. Our music and video library consists radio edits and is updated weekly. 


Hosting a party and need a great DJ? We service every type of party from back yard barbecue's to 90th birthday party's and everything in between.

We understand how to pace the event properly and choose the correct volume for the moment to allow your guests to have a great experience.

Our wireless microphones are available if you would like to address the guests and our professionally trained DJ's are always ready to make any announcements you may need.

Interested in our music selection? We have over 200,000 songs from the 1920's to the latest hits and can even add on karaoke or music videos if you would like!‚Äč 


Hosting a party and like to sing? We have a 50,000 + karaoke song library that is updated on a weekly basis coupled with our reasonably sized lyric screens and wireless microphone systems we can make your next get together a blast!

Think your guests may also want to request music just to listen to instead of singing? We have you covered in a unique way. Our music/karaoke library is grouped as one so we can seamlessly go between DJ blending songs and karaoke host turning over the mic to your friends! 


We offer a very robust entertainment program to fit the needs of your bar or club. We understand this environment and are able to seamlessly incorporate the venues marketing strategy into our shows.

In addition to offering music we also have a complete music video library, which is updated weekly and consists of over 60,000 tracks, a 50,000 + song karaoke library, and trivia. We are able to provide full sound systems with up to 8000 watts of power and up to a 100" video screen.

We have several proven protocols to increase length of stay and prompt repeat visits. 


Hosting a charity or fundraising event and need entertainment? We can not only provide the sound system, DJ and music but, our professionally trained DJ's can handle any announcements, raffles or giveaways you have in mind or if you prefer, our wireless microphone's are available for your staff to use at any point through out the night. 

We have experience with many types of events including fundraisers, memorial dances and even road races. We understand the unique importance of excellent service to our clients. 


Having a corporate event and need music? Over the years we have provided service for small, medium and large events with sound systems and wireless microphone systems and a massive music library. 

Our reliability and content of our "radio friendly" music selections our the key to our success in this area. We have a tremendous amount of flexibility to accommodate your needs.


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