We have three main DJ's and network closely with two additional DJ's which we are comfortable referring couples to when we are not available . 

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"I have spent so much time blending songs together that it’s like breathing, it just comes so naturally to me." 


I have performed at hundreds of weddings, clubs and countless events. Simply put, you will not find a harder working, more reliable DJ. Every aspect of my performance, equipment, and song selection have been carefully considered to provide the best possible service. Love, sweat and psychology are the main resources I use to make weddings memorable and successful.

Wedding specialties: Multicultural, Large age range, Same Gender.

Party specialties: Teen DJ, Karaoke, and school functions.

Vocal presentation: Reserved through dinner, loose, but still professional once dancing starts.

Common music played: Everything! I love to see people vibing and dancing to the music I play.

Favorite quote: "Patience, passion and perseverance equals success" Pitbull

Past couples have asked Tim:

How familiar are you with a certain type of music?

I'm familiar with crazy amounts of music, have a giant supply, and great sources to get more. A major personal point of pride for me is knowing when to play the perfect song and achieve the maximum impact from it.

How do you motivate my shy guests to dance?

This is where the psychology comes in. From the very first song of the wedding I pay attention to the room and subtly get the guests warmed up so when the dancing starts they are ready. I also have tons of tricks learned over the years to start and keep a dance floor moving that is where the art and science of DJing meet!  


"There are no limitations to any of our dreams" Gene Simmons


I started off playing guitar as a teen and got into DJing in my twenties. I enjoy making a crowd move and reintroducing them to music they haven't heard in a while. At first I provided music in local Boston bars and a dinner cruise. Five years ago I started to focus on weddings and events. I enjoy weddings because I can play a wide variety of music. 

Wedding specialties: Later in life & subsequent weddings

Party specialties: 40, 50 and 60th birthday parties, 1980's events.

Vocal presentation: Reserved.

Common music played: Classic hits 

Past couples have asked Marc:

What sets you apart from the competition?

Training, experience and work ethic. I have learned the fundamentals and advanced skills of reading a crowd, selecting music and running a wedding from several knowledgeable mentors. This knowledge combined with my work ethic make the difference.

How do you handle guests requests?

Event Perfect has an in depth procedure for taking requests. The main goal is to accommodate the request while still ensuring the integrity of the event. This method has been developed with great effort to ensure we follow through on our commitment to "positively influence the guest experience".


"The most powerful music is music with purpose" Tom Morello


I have been playing guitar since 1989 and even now make time to practice every single day. My understanding of music helps me DJ and motivate people to dance. I was the first Smith brother to DJ and started back in 1997 at a local bar, then transitioned into weddings in the early 2000's, and have even done a destination wedding in Aruba!

Wedding specialties: Traditional.

Party specialties: Club themed.

Vocal presentation: Reserved and professional.

Common music played: I like to play a little bit of everything. I seek out songs that are similar to the ones being requested by the bride & groom and expand out from there. 

Past couples have asked Don:

How will you make my wedding day special?

By focusing on the bride & groom. If there is a certain feeling or atmosphere they want to create with music I'm very engaged in making that happen.

What advise would you give for selecting great parent dances?

Think outside the box and stay away from the common "top ten lists" using a song that has special meaning to the family or is a little less common works well. Another idea is to keep the selection on the shorter side. About 3-4 minutes is ideal.


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.